Jennifer Lopez Launches New Jewellery Collection

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It should be no surprise to anyone that Jennifer Lopez, a star with a stellar fashion sense, is launching a jewellery line.

She is after all, a red carpet queen who always leaves a memorable impression with her gowns, luxurious hair and flawless skin.

What is surprising is how this jewellery line resists being an over-the-top, bling-fest collection. It’s definitely not Jenny-from-the-block rocks. It comprises mostly of demure bracelets and charms. The bracelets are made from leather and the multitude of trinkets range from spiky studs to an array of gems. You can mix, match, add as many charms as you like and stack a row of bracelets on your arm to create your own style.

Also noteworthy about this collection, the entertainer partnered with Endless Jewelry, which was founded by Jesper Nielsen, the man who started the hugely popular Pandora line of jewellery. With that kind of powerhouse behind her, expect to see this collection explode.

Prices range from $50 – $165 for charms and bracelets range from $70 – $105. Available at Right Time; Toronto and Marquis Jeweller; Toronto and online at