Diana Ross’ Most Iconic Looks

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Happy birthday, Diana Ross! The supreme diva turns 71 today (March 26).

And the legendary performer still rocks the big hair, glittering gowns and winsome smile.

Ross rose to stardom as a member of the girl group The Supremes. But wildly ambitious, she soon became the lead singer before departing for even loftier pastures as a solo artist.

Her career skyrocketed with a slew of hits, and it soon became evident that Diana Ross was that rare entertainer – the triple threat – with a career in music, movies and Broadway.

No wonder Billboard magazine anointed her “Female Entertainer of the Century.”

At the height of her career, in the summer of 1983, she staged a free concert in New York’s Central Park. The highly anticipated event drew more than 450,000 people, but Ross barely started the concert before a torrential summer storm broke.

But the singer carried on, belting it out in the pouring rain and saying, “It took me a lifetime to get here, and I’m not going anywhere.”

But the violent storm won, and Ross had to shut the concert down for safety reasons. But she returned the following night and continued the performance, which went down in history as a monumental experience.

And while the youth of today might exalt on the greatness of Beyoncé, it should be noted that there was a woman who did it all before, and her name is Ms. Ross.

In honour of this legendary performer, we take a look at some of her iconic looks.

Diana Ross, October 2013
October 2013
January 1975
July 1983
August 1991
Diana Ross, circa 1964
Circa 1964
December 2012
January 1970
January 1978
September 1978