Kris Jenner, Fashion Icon?

Should Kris Jenner be dressing her age?

At age 59, the queen bee of reality television and matriarch of the Kardashian clan has been accused on occasion of trying to dress like her young daughters, often appearing in public wearing such wardrobe choices as body-hugging dresses, thigh-high boots, leg-baring minis and cleavage-exposing tops.

But is that a bad thing? Or is she merely dressing for the role she is playing?

While her wardrobe choices might not be your personal style – and you might have strong opinions on what messages such clothing suggests – but in fairness, Kris Jenner is not your average working woman with an office job.

She is a reality television personality – a relatively new category of entertainment – and one where no discernable talent such as singing or acting is involved. Her job as matriarch of the Kardashian clan is to extend their fame as long as possible.

And what that calls for is a tireless ability to stay in the public’s mind. Every waking moment is dedicated on how to stay in the media spotlight. This is done via various social media sites or calculated appearances in public where paparazzi photographers can capture every move.

And no one else but Jenner and her daughters have fine-tuned this exhausting feat of practically being in the media on a daily basis. It is impossible to go a day without hearing or seeing the name Kardashian.

Naturally to keep those pictures fresh and newsworthy and to offer eye-candy appeal, it demands an extensive wardrobe and multiple changes of changes of clothes in just one day. On a recent trip to Paris, Jenner was photographed in a matter of hours in three different outfits.

And let’s face it: if she’s dressed like a hausfrau, would she command any attention? Would her pics be click-worthy?

Her outfits are suitable for her figure and shape. Yes, the dresses might be form-fitting, but they are never ill-fitting on her shapely body. Her hemlines might be thigh-high, but her legs are in fine form, so why not show them off?

Regardless whether she’s had any cosmetic procedures or not, you have to give her props; for a 59-year-old woman who has given birth to six children, she remains in terrific shape.

And her approach to dressing seems more akin to dressing for her body type than dressing for what society thinks a woman her age should wear.