Charlie Brown Takes Over GAPKids

Things are looking up for lovable underdog, Charlie Brown.

It’s going to be a banner year for the lovable Peanuts character with a much anticipated movie – the first in 35 years – opening on November 6th. It’s also the 50th anniversary of A Charlie Brown Christmas. And to get your wee ones in the spirit and looking like they walked off the pages of the popular cartoon, there is an adorable capsule collection at BabyGap and GapKids launching on Monday October 19th.

The exclusive and limited edition GapKids + Peanuts collection plays up on the nostalgic look of the characters created by Charles M. Schulz with such recognizable items like the yellow chevron cardigan worn by Charlie Brown or the scarf worn by Snoopy when he fights the Red Baron. The line includes ready-to-wear and accessories for newborns, toddlers, boys and girls.

Whether it’s for dressing up at Halloween or gifts for Christmas, it’s never too early to introduce your next generation to this beloved and classic cartoon.

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116778, Yellow Charlie Brown Chevron Stripe Cardigan, -£24.95, 22 October

Yellow Charlie Brown Chevron Stripe cardigan babyGap Toddler Boy, $44.95

547093, Snoopy Bomber Jacket, -£49.95, 22 October

Snoopy bomber jacket babyGap Toddler Boy, $85

669407, Red and White Stripe Snoopy and Woodstock Jumper, -£19.95, 22 October

Red and white stripe Snoopy & Woodstock sweater babyGap Toddler Girl, $34.95

671039, Grey Snoopy Jumper, -£24.95, 22 October


Grey Snoopy sweater babyGap Toddler Boy, $44.95

693365, Snoopy and Woodstock Tote, -£19.95, 22 October

Snoopy & Woodstock tote gapKids Girls, $39.95

693603, Snoopy knitted hat, -£9.95, 22 October

Snoopy black and white knitted hat. babyGap, $19.95

693603, Woodstock knitted hat, -£9.95, 22 October

Woodstock knitted hat babyGap, $19.95

693612, Yellow Charlie Brown Babygrow, -£22.95, 22 October

Yellow chevron onesie babyGap, $42.95

695348, Cartoon print sneakers, -£12.95, 22 October

Cartoon print baby sneakers babyGap, $26.95

695351, Red Snoopy knitted word print scarf, -£9.95, 22 October


Red Snoopy knitted word print scarf babyGap, $24.95