J.Crew Collabs with Drake’s for Dressy PJs

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No longer just for lounging at home, it’s now trendy to dress up silky pyjamas with a few choice accessories for a night out on the town.

For some of the fanciest pajamas, you need not look further than J.Crew. The retailer recently collaborated with Drake’s – not “the 6ix god” but the British haberdasher famous for their smptuous silk ties – for a capsule collection featuring pyjama sets, shirts, scarves and ballet flats. This marks the first time Drake’s famously ornate prints are used in womenswear.

Digging through the archives of this luxury menswear design house, the American retailer took prints that featured such whimsical elements like birds of paradise, bengal tigers and unicorns and drenched them in those rich colours often found in J.Crew collections.

The mix of ornate prints and jewel colours makes for a swanky if not louche outfit that you will not want to waste for sleeping. These silk pieces are swanky enough for wearing out to dinner, luxurious for entertaining at home or comfy for travelling on long haul flights.

Scroll through below for a look at the Drake’s for J.Crew collection, which is now available online at j.crew.com and in stores.

Drake’s for J.Crew silk pajama shirt, $259 and matching pant, $259.

Drake’s for J.Crew silk shirt, $259.

Drake’s for J.Crew silk pant, $259.

Drake’s for J.Crew fabric flats, $251.

Drake’s for J.Crew silk scarves, $78.50 each.

Drake’s for J.Crew silk pajama shirt, $259.

Drake’s for J.Crew square scarf. $102.