Jane Fonda Auctions Off Personal Items

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If you’re of blue blood Hollywood pedigree like Jane Fonda, an actress with a multifaceted career that spanned a multitude of decades, accumulating accolades, awards and three husbands, chances are you’ve lived an extraordinary life and most likely in possession of a vast treasure trove of memorabilia, curiosities and of course, more than a few couture gowns.

And at age 78, one imagines the actress’ collectibles have probably reached epic proportions. Even she has jokingly put it as, “I’ve had to take jobs just to pay for the storage!”

But now the two-time Oscar winner, political activist, writer, fashion plate and former fitness guru is unloading some of her valuables via auction today at Los Angeles’ Julien’s Auctions.

Fonda says she was inspired by Barbra Streisand, who also unloaded an array of her possessions with Julien’s Auctions, which seems to be the action-house-to-the-stars.

“At a certain point of your life, you want to pare things down and simplify and that can includes things that really come from the heart, says Fonda in a video message about this, her first auction. “I spent a very long time going through everything I had. I’m sad in a way to let them go – they are like children – but one moves on.”

Items featured in the Property from the Collection of Jane Fonda auction includes artworks, jewelry and clothing and smaller collectibles like her senior year high school yearbook and a signed script from On Golden Pond.

Some of the items are iconic and come from various stages of Fonda’s storied career. Like the black and red striped leotard she wore on the cover of her workout album and book from 1982, which is expected to fetch between $1000 – $2000. Artworks include a Warhol portrait of the actress – a pop lithograph – which is expected to fetch upwards of $25,000.

And it would appear that perhaps one or two of the items don’t hold much sentimental value for Fonda anymore – like her engagement ring and the dress she wore for her 1991 wedding to media mogul Ted Turner, her third husband.

Scroll through our slide show for some of the items up for bid.

Fonda became friends with the late Gianni Versace, who would often send her various dresses and accessories. She wore this yellow couture gown from the designer to the 1997 Academy Awards. The gown is one of several Versace outfits in the auction.

This now iconic leotard was worn by Fonda for the cover of her workout video and book in 1982. Fonda, at the time a celebrated fitness guru, helped spearhead the movement of women working out at home with the help of videos.

Married to French director Roger Vadim and living in Paris in the early 1070s, Fonda would attend the shows of some of the celebrated French fashion designers like Yves Saint Laurent. She wore this Mao-inspired suit from the designer when she won the Oscar for Klute in 1972. She said she chose to wear this particular outfit to the Oscars because of the restrained simplicity which seemed appropriate at the time because of the ongoing Vietnam war.

This ivory dress was a costume Fonda wore in the 1980 movie, Rollover. She would later wear the same dress to marry billionaire Ted Turner, her third husband. On her choice of wearing a dress she already had in her wardrobe for her wedding, Fonda says, “I didn’t want him thinking I married him for his money.”