Forgo Fraud

March is fraud prevention month! Travis Persaud gives us his tips on how to avoid those pesky scammers.
It’s not going anyway anytime soon.

Unfortunately, credit card and identity theft scams continue to proliferate as fraudsters find new ways to trick unsuspecting individuals. In the spirit of spreading awareness during Fraud Prevention Month, Visa Canada released 10 Fraud Prevention Tips for the Young at Heart. Follow this advice to curb the chances of becoming a victim.

1. Always treat your cards as if they were cash, and don’t leave them out in places where they are easily accessible to anyone

2. Always report lost or stolen cards immediately

3. Always talk to family, friends or your bank if you have questions or have been victimized

4. Always make a list of all your cards and their numbers and keep this list in a safe place

5. Always create a PIN that is hard to guess (e.g. not a birthday or phone number)

6. Never share your PIN – not even with family or friends

7. Never keep a written copy of your PIN in your wallet or purse
8. Never give out your SIN or any bank account details, unless you are dealing with the government or your bank directly, and imitated the contact
9. Never lend your credit or debit card to anyone, ever

10. Never leave receipts at ATMs or stores