Q&A: Diversiflex Plus

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Q – Do you know anything about a product called Diverisflex Plus, offered by HollisWealth? If you do, what are your thoughts on it, i.e. is it a good investment in your view? – Don R.

A – I’m not familiar with it so I checked out the product on the HollisWealth website but there isn’t much information there – nothing about costs or performance, which are the two key metrics in your decision process. It appears the portfolios are tailored to each individual and returns are not made public so I am not able to compare results to other funds or portfolios of the same type.

If you want to pursue this, I suggest you talk to a company representative. Ask for a complete run-down of all fees and for pro forma results for the specific portfolio they recommend for you. Compare those returns to those of other funds of the same type and then decide if this is an investment you wish to make. – G.P.

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