Gloomy Stock Forecast: Experts Blame Trump, North Korea & Solar Eclipse

Perhaps the only good news Donald Trump has received during his tumultuous first-year was the non-stop recording-setting performance by U.S. stock markets in 2017. Canada’s TSX, which hit it’s own all-time high of 15,943 in late February, has been holding its own since.

However, if economic forecasters are reading their tea leaves correctly, it seems this prolonged bull market may be entering its last days. Whenever the market experiences long-term runs, analysts race to predict the end is nigh. Stocks have become highly over-valued, they say, and coupled with unrest in South Korea, endless turmoil in Washington and large personal debt, the stage is set for a correction.

Depending on which source you read, we can expect anything from a minor correction to a major plunge. But before you make any hasty investment decisions, remember: the recent record of political and financial experts hasn’t exactly been shining. Few political pundits called Trump’s election victory last year and virtually none predicted the economic meltdown that led to a global recession in 2008.

Here’s survey of recent headlines from leading financial media outlets outlining “expert” predictions, advice and who’s to blame:

Gloomy forecast

Who’s to blame?

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