This Quiz Will Help You Stay Ahead Of Online Fraud

ZNews met with with Kathleen Lavin, one of many older Canadians who has fallen victim to an Internet scam.

In this particular scam, Lavin was alerted to a problem with her computer via an Internet popup. “Suddenly the screen turned a brilliant red and [there was] an incredible noise,” she says. “It said ‘your computer is about to crash.'” After calling the number on her screen for “technician’s assistance”, she was told it would cost $200 to fix so she reluctantly provided her credit card information. Later, she found a charge for $471 on her monthly statement.

It’s cases like these that have prompted Home Instead Senior Care, to develop a quiz to help potential targets stay one step ahead of the scammers. “I took the quiz myself,” says Jason Peddle, a Vulnerable Persons Coordinator for the Toronto Police. “I think the scenarios presented in the quiz are very common.”

Take the online fraud quiz here.

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