Q&A With Gordon Pape: Will My Pension Be Affected if I Go Back to Work?

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Q – My husband is 63 and I am 53. At age 60 he retired and started withdrawing CPP payments. If he were to now go back to work for a small part time job or as a consultant, how does this affect his CPP? Going back to work is not essential for us in terms of income. Totally optional. My belief is that it will have a negative impact and we would not be any further ahead, but I don’t have any facts to back up my belief. Thank you. — Suzanne B., Vernon BC

A – Your husband’s pension would not be affected by returning to work but until age 65 he would be required to contribute to the CPP’s post-retirement benefits plan (PRB). His contributions, and those of his employer, would provide an extra amount to his CPP when he stops work. Between age 65 and 70, participation in the PRB is optional. — G.P.


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