Bissett looking better

It has been a tough slog for investors in the Bissett mutual funds.The Calgary-based company, which had built a tremendous record over many years, has experienced its toughest period ever, with almost all the
funds in the group producing below-average returns.

But now it appears that a rebound is underway. The flagship Bissett Canadian Equity Fund gained 22.1% over the six months to April 30, and is a top decile performer so far in 2000.

Other Bissett funds are also on the rise. The Large Cap Fund gained 23.1% over that same period, while the Small Cap Fund was ahead 17.8%. The balanced Bissett Retirement Fund added a very credible 9.7% over that time.

Meanwhile, Bissett Microcap, which we recommended in Mutual Funds Update shortly after its launch and which is now closed to new money, continued its fine performance with a six-month gain of 32.4%.

Why the big improvement? We could give you a lot of technical jargon, but it all comes down to the return to favour of value stocks.

Bissett funds are no-load and have very low management expenses. The initial investment required is $10,000.