Mixing value and growth

Q – A significant portion of my RRSP is in value funds (AGF International and Cundill value ‘C’). Recently you made suggestion to have growth-oriented funds in addition to value funds in a portfolio. I already have a few labor-sponsored funds. Can I count labor-sponsored funds as a growth part? If I need additional growth-oriented global funds, which one you will recommend? – K.M..

A – Labour-sponsored funds would certainly be considered as growth funds in a portfolio. As for other growth funds, there are many possibilities B there is none I would single out above all others. Our Mutual Fund Update=s Recommended List currently includes Fidelity International Portfolio Fund and Janus Global Equity Fund among growth-oriented global funds. If you would like information on how to subscribe to this newsletter, go to http://www.gordonpape.com/mfudemo.cfm – G.P.