Royal bank third party funds

Q – This is regarding some information about third-party funds. I was reading your 2002 Buyer’s Guide to Mutual Funds where you mention as an example on page 625 that Royal Bank offers access to mutual funds from other companies such as Fidelity and AIM. But when I phoned the Royal Bank about this service they denied about the availability of such funds through them. Would you please verify this information. – A.D.

A – Whoever you spoke to at the bank obviously needs a refresher course in the mutual funds products they offer. You can obtain third-party funds through the Royal in two ways:

1) By investing in Royal Select Choices Portfolios. These are designed for investors who want, to quote their web site, “access to brand name mutual funds, including Royal Mutual Funds. We’ve drawn on the Royal Bank Financial Group’s wealth management expertise to bring you portfolios composed of funds from industry leaders, including AGF Management, CI Funds, Fidelity Investments, Mackenzie Financial, Royal Mutual Funds and Trimark Investment Management.”

2) By purchasing third party funds through one of the banks affiliated brokerage firm Action Direct (discount) or RBC Capital Markets (full-service). – G.P.