"Seniorbusters" to combat telemarketing fraud in Ontario

Seniorbusters, a new volunteer service that will help seniors protect themselves against telemarketing fraud, was launched in North Bay, Ontario yesterday.

“Seniorbusters is seniors helping seniors to effectively fight an insidious type of crime,” said Premier Harris at the new PhoneBusters headquarters in North Bay. “It’s an innovative program in which crime prevention solutions are shared with those most vulnerable to help prevent ruined family lives and financial losses.”

PhoneBusters estimates that 56 per cent of the total number of telemarketing prize pitch victims have been over age 60, with an average dollar loss of $12,000 each. Of all victims, seniors represent 85 per cent of those who have lost more than $5,000.

In Seniorbusters, more than 40 volunteers over the age of 50 help to reduce fraudulent telemarketing by educating seniors, providing emotional and moral support and ensuring seniors have a place to turn if they need assistance. Volunteers will contact family members, local police agencies, elder abuse committees and other support agencies to provide seniors with the necessary tools to effectively fight this crime.

Anyone who has been the victiof telemarketing fraud or is currently being targeted, should call PhoneBusters at 1-888-495-8501.