Travel warnings from Foreign Affairs

Canada’s ever diligent Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (DFAIT) has issued several new travel warnings for those visiting some popular travel areas. In Viet Nam, recent floods have affected six interior and coastal provinces in the central part of the country.Canadians travelling to these areas should monitor the local weather forecasts closely.

Heavy rains in southern and central Greece this week have caused floods and mudslides, which have led to delays along the national highway. No serious flooding has been reported in Athens, but rains are expected to continue for several days.

Those visiting Italy may be in for a surprise at the border, where they may be asked to provide proof about the reasons for their stay and to prove means of financial support. In addition, they must report to the provincial law enforcement authorities at the “Questura” within eight days of their entry into the country and request a “Permesso disoggiorno” (permit to stay).

A scam we reported on last year has re-emerged in Mexico, where DFAIT once again warns against divulging personal information to strangers. Scam artists have called the parents of travelling Canadians ( the middle of the night) to report that their son or daughter has been detained or hospitalized as a result of an accident and have requested that money be wired immediately via Western Union. Anyone in this situation should call DFAIT’s 24-hour emergency line at 1-800-387-3124 or (613) 943-1055 for assistance.