Will the do-it-yourself will kits fit our profile?

Q – My wife and I have no wills. Our situation is simple. One condo paid off; one chequing account in both our names; one car paid off, that’s it. Will the do-it-yourself will kits fit our profile? – P.R.O’T.

A – Yes, it does seem like a simple situation, but maybe it isn’t. You seem to be suggesting you have no life insurance of any kind, no pension plan, no RRSP, no investments, and no personal property of any value, such as jewelry or silverplate.

Even if it is that simple, who are your heirs? Presumably, you will leave the assets to one another but what happens if you die simultaneously, such as in a car crash? Have you considered that?

A do-it-yourself will kit might work all right and it is certainly better than having no will at all, in which case the province will decide how your assets are distributed. (It varies from one province to another.) But make sure you cover off all the contingencies. Personally, I also advise having a professional do it. It doesn’t cost that much. While you’re at it, make sure you also have reciprocal powers of attorney drawn up. – G.P.