Worried about pension plan

Question: Last year I had my private pension plan transferred from the U.K. to Canada. In accordance with regulations, the monies were placed in a segregated fund with Standard Life, the Ideal Balanced Fund to be exact. I also have a small amount in RRSPs with other mutual fund companies in Canadian, international and European equities. I am particularly anxious about the Ideal Balanced Fund as that is where the bulk of my pension is. In view of the many uncertainties, would I be wise to switch to the Ideal NL Money Market Fund, or the Ideal NL International Bond for the time being? I am 60 years old. – C.M.


Standard Life’s Ideal Balanced Fund has not been faring very well in these tough conditions. It had a one year loss to Aug. 31 of 14.3%, which is quite a bit worse than average. The most recent trend pattern is not showing any improvement; it is still underperforming. The Bond, International Bond, and Money Market funds are all doing better in these conditions. Safest would be the Money Market Fund, but with short-term rates so low your return will be almost nil. Also, you need to ask yourself if you want to be totally out of the stock market at a time wh it may be nearing its low.