Retirement Calculators has assembled these great retirement calculators to help you determine the effects of changes to your retirement savings and quality of life by helping you see, and plan, for changes to your portfolio.

Estimating Retirement Income
This selection allows you to estimate your total retirement income based on government sources (CPP & QPP; OAS), private pension plans, annuity and RRIF income, non-registered investment income, and rental income.

How Your Present RRSP Will Grow
Input the present value of your RRSP,and see what it will grow to at your retirement — given the number of years until retirement and your choice of average annual return.

Value of Future RRSP Contributions
To fund your retirement, you will be making regular deposits into an RRSP. This section will help you calculate the value at retirement of your cumulative contributions.

href=””>Effect of Early Retirement on RRSPs
Retiring early may mean drawing on your assets for income, reducing future growth potential. This will mean retiring on much less. Use this section to help you determine if this is something you can afford to do.

RRIF Withdrawals – Minimum Payment
Calculate minimum RRIF withdrawals as specified by current legislation. The rules used to determine minimum withdrawals will depend on whether the RRIF was purchased prior to or after January 1, 1993.

RRIF Withdrawals – Flat Payment
Determine the flat yearly payment possible from an RRIF at a given rate of return. This withdrawal approach is suitable for those who want the same annual payment throughout their retirement years, even though inflation will reduce the purchasing power of the payment over time.

RRIF Withdrawals – Increasing Payment
Determine the RRIF a payment structure that will increase each year by whatever percent you choose to cover inflation. Smaller initial payments that increase each year will preserve the purchasing power of a RRIF income over the longer term.