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Each client’s tax situation is different. That is why each tax preparer asks every client a number of questions that could impact their tax return. The interview process is important. A mother in Calgary discusses some of the issues with getting her daughter’s disability diagnosed properly. After further discussion with an H&R Block tax professional and securing the proper forms, the mother claimed the daughter’s disability credit retroactively and received a tax refund of nearly $20,000.

Filing a tax return is important even if you didn’t earn income. An Ottawa-based client received nearly $3,000 from Canada Revenue Agency after he told his tax preparer he hadn’t filed for a few years. The client didn’t realize that he was eligible for credits and tax breaks in the years he was not earning an income. It was a pleasant surprise during tax season.

Even if you don’t file, the CRA can also complete tax returns based on other information on file. An H&R Block client in Red Deer, Alberta received a surprise when a tax professional submitted his return and the CRA said he owed more then $21,000 in taxes. The bill was generated by a keying error. However, not filing for three years meant the bill was outstanding. H&R Block worked with the client to correct the error.

Another tax professional in British Columbia helped a client who hadn’t filed a return in more than 20 years handle an $110,000 tax bill. The client had recently turned 65 and started receiving pension benefits but it also meant the CRA received his updated contact information. H&R Block worked with the CRA and the client to discharge the six figure tax bill.

H&R Block supports clients with their tax issues year round. A gentleman living in Kingston, Ontario did his own return and claimed the wrong provincial credits when he was teaching part of the year in Quebec. The result was a five figure tax bill. H&R Block tax professionals worked with the client to correct the mistake and attended a number of meetings with the CRA to resolve the issue. Year round tax support can mean peace of mind.

H&R Block also stands behind our tax preparation. We have presented arguments on behalf of clients who have been re-assessed by the CRA. An Oakville-based client had her businesses losses rejected for 2002, 2003 and 2004 and it had a considerable impact on her tax refund. H&R Block submitted objections to the CRA assessment and successfully argued that the client was engaged in commercial activity and not a hobby. The reassessment was overturned and the business losses were allowed as deduction.

Last year, more than two million Canadians chose H&R Block for their tax return preparation. With a network of more than 1,000 offices across the country, H&R Block provides tax services at locations that are always close to home. As the leading provider of tax services in the country, the company gives their clients every advantage through tax knowledge and year round support. Our tax professionals are trained through one of the most rigorous tax courses in the country and understand how to maximize your tax refund.

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