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Did you know that starting with their 2007 tax return, seniors will be allowed to split up to half of their eligible pension income with a spouse or common-law partner. Income splitting will allow some seniors to take advantage of a significant tax break. In the situation where the lower-income spouse has very little income, the tax savings will be substantial.

Last year, more than two million Canadians chose H&R Block for their tax return preparation. As the leading provider of tax services in the country, H&R Block gives their clients every advantage through tax knowledge and year round support. With a network of more than 1,000 offices across the country, H&R Block provides tax services at locations that are always close to home.

Every H&R Block client is covered by the Maximum Refund Guarantee*. H&R Block guarantees each client the Maximum Refund they deserve or the return is free. Qualified tax professionals listen to clients, their needs and questions, then provide their professional knowledge to reunite clients with their money. And Upfront Guaranteed Pricing means every client knows exactly how much their tax preparation will cost before they sit down with a tax professional.

H&R Block tax professionals are some of the best trained tax specialists in Canada. All tax associates must complete at least 59 hours of initial tax training and a continuous advanced training program to ensure their skills are up-to-date. H&R Block also provides an accreditation for experienced tax associates to ensure there are senior and master tax specialists available to do the most complex returns in every region.

Clients can expect more than just filing a tax return from their H&R Block experience. Every client has a confidential interview with a tax professional to collect the information needed to prepare a return. The interview process can make a difference. Many H&R Block clients have benefited when the interview process uncovers additional tax credits or deductions.

H&R Block guarantees the accuracy of every tax return prepared and clients do not have to pay for their return until they are completely satisfied. If there is a mistake on the return, the Accuracy Guarantee means H&R Block will pay any penalty or interest incurred due to the tax professional’s error. It is a little peace of mind when filing a return with H&R Block.

Clients can also choose how to receive their tax refund. The Instant Cash Back service means qualifying clients can walk in with their taxes and walk out with money. Last year, H&R Block introduced the Debit Card option which allows clients to load their refund on a debit card and use it at ATMs and anywhere the Interac symbol is displayed. It provides another option for clients who want their tax refund right away.

Every year, the Canada Revenue Agency selects a number of returns to review or audit after the tax season is over. It is not an indication of how a return was prepared – it is a standard review process. H&R Block has offices open year round and continue to support our client’s off-season needs. For any CRA requests, H&R Block will respond on behalf of the client and forward any additional information requests as required. The Audit Assistance program means an H&R Block tax professional will accompany a client to an audit to detail how the tax return was prepared. Choosing a tax provider who is open year round means clients can get the support for their tax needs any time.

H&R Block provides both appointments and walk-in services to accommodate our clients’ schedules. And H&R Block tax professionals are available to answer tax-related questions at no charge.

As a 50plus reader, you can benefit from a 10% discount on your tax return at any participating H&R Block or save 25% off our online tax preparation service. To get your coupon, or learn more about these offers visit H&R Block online.

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