Are Canadian customers cutting back?

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Canada’s retailers are hoping Canadian consumers are not going to copy their cousins across the border and slash spending going into the year’s prime holiday buying season.

The U.S. government reported a 0.3 percent decline in consumer spending in September and that decline is expected to have steepened through October and into November. Consumers are concerned about the U.S. economy’s fall into recession and seem to be ignoring the fact their incomes rose by 0.2 percent in the same month. As consumers shy aware from stores, retailers are cutting prices partly to lure customers back but partly because inflation rates are falling. Similar cuts in prices are expected in Canada’s retail stores as we move toward the Christmas buying season.

The money that Americans are not spending in stores is going into their bank accounts as savings rise in the U.S.

Canadians already save more than Americans and most economists do not predict a recession in Canada although they do predict slow growth for the next few months. A cutback in spending by Canadian consumers similar to that in the U.S. would hurt our economy more than it deserves and, at the moment, is likely unjustified by Canada’s overall economic picture.

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