Q&A: Conservative investor

Question: I am a very conservative investor who does not like to gamble with hard earned money. I work six hours a day and collect a small pension. I am 56.

We lost a considerable amount like everyone else and will not be able to retire as planed. I have $10,000 I want to invest but where? It must be relatively safe. I also have $5,000 for a TFSA but I am unsure which to put it in. – C.H., Ontario

Gordon Pape answers: “Relatively safe” suggests you are prepared to live with a little risk but not much. If that is the case, you might want to consider a short-term bond fund. You won’t earn a big return but you are unlikely to suffer any losses and if you do they will not be large.

Almost every financial institution offers Tax-Free Savings Accounts. Choose a plan that has no fees and that will allow you to invest in the type of securities that are of interest to you.

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