SmartSwipe makes online shopping safe

Who doesn’t love the convenience of shopping online? Especially with the great deals you can find on travel, clothes, books, DVDs and music — online shopping has become just as common as retail shopping. Unfortunately, current online security options are less than perfect, but with SmartSwipe you can experience safe online shopping.

What is SmartSwipe?
SmartSwipe is similar to the card reader you swipe when you’re at a cash register. So, the next time you’re about to purchase something online and are about to type in your info, you can simply swipe your card and instantly fill out the payment page and keep your credit card data encrypted and safe.

easy to useWhy Use SmartSwipe?
Even the strongest internet security software doesn’t fully protect you while you shop online. Antivirus and firewall software protect your info once it has reached the Internet, but hackers can still access your credit card data while it’s on your computer. With this personal card reader, your info is protected the moment your card is swiped, leaving nothing to be stored in your computer’s memory.

How Does it Work?
Usually, when you purchase something online, you type out all your information — your name, your address and credit info — at the purchase screen. This is where your data is the most sensitive to hackers, spyware and malware. SmartSwipe’s patented security technology protects you from these threats. How? Rather than typing out all of your information, you simply swipe your credit card using SmartSwipe, which then instantly fills out your form while keeping your data encrypted and safe — making it unrecognizable to those trying to lift your private info.

SmartSwipeSimple, Easy and Fast
While the patented security technology of the SmartSwipe is impressive, its user-friendly functionality is what makes it stand out. After installing its software, users can easily connect the SmartSwipe to their computer via USB — much like they would their digital camera. The software then reads the user’s credit card info when they swipe their card through the device, encrypting their info even if their computer is infected with a keylogger or screen grabber.

Now the next time you’re at the payment screen, you can swipe your card to confirm your purchase — while protecting your info, saving you time from typing it all in, and decreasing the chance of you making a mistake while typing in your sensitive info.

So shop knowing that the only thing you’ll need to worry about the next time there’s an online sale is whether they’ll have enough left to ship out.

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