Zoomer Consumer: 2010 Hyundai Genesis


Even though it captured headlines – and numerous awards – last year for offering opulence at a (relative) pittance, I still received many quizzical stares when driving the 2010 Hyundai Genesis. Most covetous looks were of the “wow-that-looks-great-but-what-is-it?” variety. Well, to ensure the confusion doesn’t continue to spread, no, it’s not a Lexus, Mercedes, BMW or Infiniti (I was asked that during my test week with the car). But the Hyundai sedan does keeps pace with all of those luxe brands- yes, you did read that correctly.

genesis1.jpgThe exterior – with its elegant ribbed grille, chrome moulding and attractive lines across the side of the body – accurately tells the story of the luxury inside.
The 4.6 L V8 model (a 3.8L V6 is also available) with 375 HP has all the accompaniments the aforementioned automakers include in their V8 sedans: woodgrain trim highlights the interior; supremely comfortable leather seating and leather wrapped fascia; back up camera; and 17 speaker audio system only begin to tell the story.

And it drives with poise. The rear-wheel-drive vehicle has enough power to vault past the most aggressive drivers, but does it with grace. Its acceleration is smooth and steady, so even when using the manual/automatic Shiftronic, there’s little power loss felt between gears.
And the beautifully placed pillars allows for impeccable sightlines, giving a full view of what’s ahead and to the sides. genesis2.jpg

Zoomer Bonus: However, the Genesis’ greatest selling point – one that created such a stir when it was introduced last year – remains its selling price. Starting at $38,999 for the 3.8L V6 and hitting $49,999 for the 4.6L V8 with Technology Package, the vehicle is an anomaly and difficult to place. Compared to similarly equipped V8 sedans, such as the BMW 550i, Mercedes E550 and Lexus GS 460, the Genesis is tens of thousands of dollars cheaper. And that same, fully loaded 4.8L V8 has more to offer then V6 sedans priced in the same ballpark.
With quality so well priced, the Korean automaker has created a gem worthy of all its accolades.

— Travis Persaud