Real Estate Diversification: The Key to Long-Term Wealth

The recent economic downturn and accompanying market volatility has provided investors with a number of valuable lessons. One such lesson, especially for people who are retired or are approaching retirement, is the importance of diversifying their investments to protect them from the shocks of market fluctuations.

As you get closer to retirement – or deeper into retirement – your focus naturally shifts to wealth conservation. Diversification is arguably the most important approach. And smart investors know that a well-diversified portfolio includes real estate.

Blue Book of Real Estate SyndicationThe Importance of Real Estate

League Assets Corp., a Victoria-based company that deals in real estate syndicates, offers investors the opportunities to create “Intergenerational Wealth” that is long-lasting. Get your FREE copy of League’s very own Blue Book of Real Estate Syndication today!

Founding Partners Emanuel Arruda and Adam Gant have helped League’s Member-Partners (investors) take advantage of the lucrative real estate market by providing 3 important benefits: high-yield monthly income, capital appreciation, and an innovative tax savings .

“Our goal is to offer investment opportunities that produce the best returns possible without risking our Member-Partners’ capital,” says Gant. “Because we’re diversified in terms of the properties we invest in, even when markets fluctuate, we’re still able to provide a good steady income.”

Adds Arruda: “We take great pains to buy the ‘right’ properties. By being very selective enables us to hold onto properties while generating reliable rates of income for our Member-Partners.”

“We take the long view in everything we do,” says Gant. “We’re not into quick flips for a short-term gain. Slow and steady wins the race.”

A Unique Strategy

What makes League Assets unique is the way it joins with its Member Partners by using its own money to help provide the down payment to purchase income properties, with the balance of the purchase funds coming from third-party mortgage lenders. “This is a true partnership,” says Arruda. “And it’s one that engenders a lot of mutual trust.”

“We don’t like to push our luck,” says Gant. “By being creative in the way we structure our mortgages and negotiate our acquisitions, we’re able to give our investors solid performance and peace of mind. Our formula is straightforward: produce a product that entails low risk and high reward. This is the mix we insist upon.”

Ethics in Action

League is also unique in that all its actions are guided by its Credo, a 22-point statement of the company’s ethics, principles, and vision that it refers to every day. It’s based on the Golden Rule, but with an entrepreneurial twist. Read League’s Credo here.

“We don’t get paid until our Member-Partners receive an increase in their investment return, says Arruda. “So, we have a vested interest to make sure we buy the right properties and manage them efficiently. We call it Positive Interdependence. It’s why so many people continue to come back and re-invest with League.”

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