Top 5 cars to drive in retirement

ICBC’s manager, specialty vehicle program, has retired after 15 years evaluating collector cars. Nigel Matthews has driven all kinds of vehicles, new and classic, for Canwest newspapers and these sites as well as the insurance corporation. Today, he tells us what he hopes to drive in retirement.

One never regrets the things they have done; it is those things not done that cause the most remorse.

My list is still reasonably long and there are quite a few more things to check off, so I am going to get started in 2010. Now that I will have a bit more time for test-driving, I thought I would share with you the list of five cars that I would like to drive while I am still nimble enough to clamber in and out and have the reactions to handle.

Stay tuned to see if I can actually pull it off!

1. McLaren F1: This will probably be the toughest one to achieve as only 64 road cars were ever built. In 2008, McLaren’s Park Lane, London showroom display car with 484 kms on the odometer, sold for $4.1 million.

2. Jaguar XJ220: The fastest production built sports car in the world until the McLaren F1 arrived in 1994. I hear there might be one heading for BC and I just happen to know the potential owner!

3. Porsche 959: The 959 was hailed as the most technologically advanced road-going sports car ever built. The local count, BC none, Alberta one, Washington State one, it belongs to Bill Gates. Gates and Allen were instrumental in achieving the passing of the “Show and Display” law in the USA.

4. MG Metro 6R4: Powered by a de-tuned F1 Cosworth V-8 engine with two cylinders lopped off. The cars were developed by the Williams F1 team. The remaining engines were later purchased by Tom Walkinshaw and put into the Jaguar XJ220.

5. 1962 Alvis TD21: The one that got away! Sometimes in life we have to face reality and sell things when the financial road ahead is crumbling and this was the one. Fortunately, I am still in touch with the vehicles present custodian and he has invited me to take it for a spin in the spring.

Before collector and classic car fans get nervous, Nigel Matthews is not going away. He will continue to offer his collector-car wisdom, test luxury cars for us, and is unlikey to be retired for long.