Top 10 scenic drives in the Rockies

Looking for a driving destination for your vacation this summer? B.C. and the U.S. states to the south provide some of the most beautiful drives imaginable. The Top 10 Scenic Drives in the Northern Rockies (, which includes drives in the U.S. and Canada, has set out to showcase some of those breathtaking routes.

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The Top 10 Scenic Drives in the Northern Rockies include five U.S. states (Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Washington and Oregon) and two Canadian provinces (British Columbia and Alberta).

The Top 10 Scenic Drives are :

1. Beartooth Highway (MT & WY)

2. Circle the Continental Divide Driving Tour (WY)

3. Hells Canyon Scenic Byway (OR & ID)

4. Hot Springs Circle Tour (B. C.)

5. International Selkirk Loop (ID, WA and B.C.)

6. Montana Scenic Loop (MT)

7. Northwest Passage Scenic Byway (ID)

8. Salmon River-Sawtooth Scenic Byways (ID)

9. Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park Loop (MT, Alberta and B.C.)

10. Yellowstone-Grand Teton Loop (WY, MT & ID)

Connecting Historic Trails :

-David Thompson Historic Route (Alberta, B.C., MT, ID and WA)

-Lewis & Clark National Histor ic Trail (WA, OR, ID and MT)

-Nez Perce National Historic Trail (OR, ID, MT and WY)

-Oregon National Historic Trail (WY, ID and OR)

Photograph by: Jhim Burwell , for Canwest News Service