It’s a Buyer’s Market Out There

(NC)—Gone are the days when the local grocer knew your name, or when you had to wait to go to a store to browse and purchase your items. Welcome to the retail world of the future where new technologies have and will dramatically change your shopping experience.

Already today many consumers research their potential purchases online, from the comfort of their homes. But increasingly, we will use our mobile device to browse, comparison shop and view customer reviews while we’re out and about. Once in a store shoppers won’t have to rely on store staff with inconsistent product knowledge for help. Kiosk technology will enable shoppers to connect to an expert, and to virtually test the product. Want to see how that shade of lipstick looks on you, or whether that shirt-and-tie combination works well with your suit? Just step up to the kiosk.

A new breed of shopper is changing the retail landscape and challenging retailers to embrace technology to create a personalized shopping experience for every empowered consumer.

Here are three ways technology will change the way you shop:

1. Imagine a kiosk that takes a picture of your face. Then you scan the cosmetic product you would like to test and it shows you on the screen what that product would look like on you. You can even email the picture to a friend to get their advice.

2. You’ll be able to take do-it-yourself to the next level. Imagine your next home repair project and that trip to the building supplies store. Through kiosk technology, you’ll be able to get access to a real, live plumbing expert who can answer your questions or explain the tools and products you need.

3. “Digital greeters” or touch screen kiosks will welcome you when you enter a retail outlet and offer mobile downloads for instant money-saving coupons that you can use while you shop that day.

Today’s consumers want a better experience, an experience that is more personalized to their specific needs, and new technologies are helping to create smarter retail.

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