Hockey Goes 3D

CBC is promising that its hockey broadcasts will take on a whole new dimension this year.

The Hockey Night in Canada broadcaster recently announced that it will team up with Panasonic Canada to show two games using the brand new 3D technology. The Dec. 11 game between the Montreal Canadiens and Toronto Maple Leafs and the Feb. 20 outdoor game between the Canadiens and Calgary Flames will for the first time ever air in 3D.

To access these special hockey broadcasts, you’ll need a 3D television along with the special glasses. A CBC spokesperson says the games will run on a still-to-be-determined channel. What about the many hockey fans who don’t have access to 3D TVs? Don’t worry, the games will be available in regular format as well.

The pressing question we have about the announcement: Will the Leafs look as bad in three dimensions as they do in two?