Simplify your (shopping) life!

This festive time of year can often be a source of angst for some, not to mention the harried hunt to find that perfect little, elusive something. It can all be quite daunting. But, with a few helpful hints and a little pre-shopping planning, you might be surprised how well this year’s efforts can pay off. Literally!

•  Make a list and check it twice. You’d definitely feel naughty and probably not so nice if you accidently left someone or something off your list. Write down whom it is you need to buy a gift for, together with a gift idea or two, and set a dollar limit for each. By following a pre-determined list and budget, you can help curb the temptation to make expensive, spur-of-the-moment (and often unsuitable) purchases.

•  Winter driving can be a distressing experience – not to mention the crowds once you get to the store to do your shopping. Take advantage of today’s technology and browse the internet. You’ll not only discover an almost endless assortment of great gift ideas, but you can also make purchases online. And, for those unique items, you‘ll be able to locate the nearest store to make good use of your time.

•  What do you want your gift to say? Even more important is what do you want your gift to say about your relationship with that person? If you’re struggling to find that perfect something, consider a gift you can share together. Think of an activity you’ll both enjoy and then create new and special memories to build on the ones already shared.

•  Some age groups are easier to buy for than others. So, don’t forget to look for stores and online sites that offer products designed specifically for the age group in question.

For example, there’s a new and very unique product that’s been created exclusively for us. It’s a new game called About Us™, Boomer+™ Edition and it’s been developed from fascinating research into the lives of the Canadian population born between 1934 and 1964. Pleasures. Past times. Decisions. Discretions. And, much much more!

Could you confidently guess how many of us have gone skinny dipping? Or perhaps what colour we least like to wear? Could you name the region in Canada where you’re more likely to find those of us who prefer red wine? You’ll find the answers in About Us, Boomer+ Edition.

It does come with a warning, though: Will absolutely induce laughter, storytelling and animated discussions.

Easy to play, thought provoking and budget friendly, About Us, Boomer+ Edition can be purchased online and through select retail locations across Canada. It’s the ideal gift for that special person on your list – and one you can enjoy together!

Check out for more information about the game and to see where you can purchase one. In fact, why not treat yourself, too? A little holiday cheer from you to you!