Old furnace = High heating bills

How efficient is YOUR furnace?

Generally speaking, if it’s at least 8-12 years old, efficiency is probably already about 80% or less and will continue downward as it ages. Try looking for an Energy Efficiency rating label affixed to the furnace to determine what your equipment’s rating should be… Or contact the manufacturer with the model/serial number (or visit their website) to find out.

Compare with today’s furnaces

They are being manufactured to technology and efficiency standards that have improved immensely over the previous decade. Some of these improvements translate directly to potential SAVINGS on your heating costs. Just how much, is what’s really going to surprise you.

Some key changes and improvements include:

• Minimum AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) ratings of 90% (older furnaces can range from 60% to 80%)

• More efficient DC variable speed ECM blower motors

• More affordable condensing furnaces

• Government energy conservation initiative that include consumer rebates and incentives

Consider Upgrading to a Condensing Furnace

The highest efficiency furnaces available — they warm you twice!

In newer furnaces, hot air created by the ignited gas at the burners is forced through a heat exchanger chamber, where “extra” heat energy is produced and aids in heating the air that will be circulating to your home as it passes over the chamber. Condensing furnaces actually have a secondary heat exchanger that further compresses the hot gas to the point of condensing it into a liquid. This chemical change of state releases far more heat energy than that generated from the burners alone. While the resulting liquid condensation is drained away, the waste gas is cooled enough to vent directly outside through plastic piping… and you no longer need that chimney!

Certainly sounds efficient but, how does it translate into SAVINGS?

Find out right now. Use this convenient Fuel Energy Savings Calculator to estimate how much money you could save on your energy costs by upgrading to a newer, more efficient furnace today.

There are government rebates and incentives are waiting for you

OPA – Save ON Energy program at a glance:

Rebates available for Ontario residents and businesses (with residential-type systems) through a participating contractor

$25 rebate – replace existing non-programmable thermostat with one that is programmable

$125 rebate – replace existing furnace with a mid or high-efficiency furnace with an Electronically Commutated Motor (ECM)


Natural Resources Canada – ecoEnergy Retrofit program at a glance:

Canada’s homeowners can get up to $5,000 in government grants for making energy saving upgrades to their homes, including

$375 for an ENERGY STAR ® qualified 92.0%+ AFUE gas furnace

$635 for an ENERGY STAR ® qualified 92.0%+ AFUE with brushless DC motor gas furnace

$650 for an ENERGY STAR ® qualified 94.0%+ AFUE with brushless DC motor gas or oil furnace

$750 for an ENERGY STAR ® qualified 94.0%+ AFUE and a brushless DC motor gas or oil furnace (first time installing a condensing furnace)

It really IS a good time to replace your old furnace

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Calculate your potential energy savings
Save ON Energy program
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