Is Your Car Spring-Ready?

Spring is finally here — at least according to the calendar.

You will probably spend time cleaning out your garage, crawl space, attic and whatever other nook or cranny you’ve stored useful (and useless) stuff over the winter months.

But, will you spend the same time cleaning your car? After months of ice, snow and salt attacking your precious vehicle, you need to give it the same attention that you do your home.

There’s nothing like getting your car professionally detailed. If you’ve never done this before, seriously consider it. It’s the closest thing to reclaiming your vehicle’s interior and bringing new life to its exterior.

However, detailing can be expensive and the do-it-yourself route may be the most cost effective route — especially if you begin the (highly recommended) habit of doing this a couple times a year. Canadian Tire offers a few items for your DIY project that will help return your car to its former glory.

Salt Eraser Cleaner

It’s one thing to happily wipe your salty hands on your pants in a dark movie theatre, never to think of it again. It’s another thing to leave nasty salt stains on the base of your car’s seats, on floor mats and carpets. This salt eraser will easily remove all the salt stains you’ve been ignoring the past six months.




Headlight Restoration Kit

Don’t let the clouds remain. Your headlights can get scratched and cloudy during the winter, reducing visibility by 50-75 per cent. This simple headlight and clear plastic restoration kit will return your lights to their luminous brilliance.



Bissell Auto Care ProHeat Vacuum

Double duty isn’t always a bad thing. In the case of this ProHeat Vacuum, it’s the greatest thing your seats have experience. The vacuum doubles as a steamer, ensuring everything returns to the way it once was.


–Travis Persaud