Relief for those hurt by economic conditions

As a result of the recent economic turmoil, many Canadians now find themselves caught in a financial squeeze. On one hand, their cost of living (including taxes, gas and food) has gone up. On the other hand, their earnings from investments have gone down.

Now, many Canadians find themselves without the money they need to pay off their debts, make important home improvements and, in many cases, just meet day-to-day expenses. If that’s your situation, don’t worry. There is a solution… and you happen to be living in it!

Your Home Could Be the Key to Your Financial Freedom

That’s right. Your home could be the key to your financial freedom.

You see, if you’re like most mature Canadians, your home is worth more today than when you bought it – a lot more! And, thanks to an innovative program called the CHIP Home Income Plan, you can use the money built up in your home, without having to sell your home.

The CHIP Home Income Plan or CHIP is what is commonly called a reverse mortgage. Hugely popular in Great Britain, the United States and Australia, reverse mortgages have caught on in Canada. Already, many mature Canadians have used the CHIP Home Income Plan to tap into the money in their home, while still living in and enjoying their homes. And, with the low rates now available, more and more Canadians are taking advantage of a reverse mortgage to get the money they need – without selling their homes.

Make No Payments Until You Choose to Move or Sell

With a traditional home equity line of credit, in addition to making monthly payments, you may be asked to repay your loan if your income or credit position changes. A reverse mortgage is unique in that it allows you to borrow against the value of your home and not make payments or repay the loan until you choose to move or sell. This makes reverse mortgages very appealing to mature Canadians on fixed incomes.

The benefits of CHIP Home Income Plan are impressive:

• You can access the money built up in your home without selling it.

• You are not required to make payments on the loan, until you decide to move or sell.

• You keep complete and total control of your home at all times.

• You can borrow up to 40% of the value of your home. Most access about $100,000, but you can access more, depending on the value of your home and your age

• The money you receive is tax-free.

• You can take the money in a lump sum or convenient monthly amounts.


On Average, Over 50% of Equity Remains

Some homeowners are reluctant to consider a reverse mortgage because of concerns there will not be any value left in the home after the loan is paid off. Fortunately, that fear is unfounded. The average CHIP client has over 50% equity left in their home after the loan is paid in full. CHIP also guarantees that the amount to be repaid will never exceed the fair market value of your home at the time it is sold. For these reasons, a reverse mortgage is a great long-term solution.

Clearly, the advantages of a CHIP Home Income Plan are significant.

Help in Tough Times

These are tough times for many Canadians, especially those living on a fixed income. The cost of living is going up and earnings from investments are going down – and that hurts.

However, if you are 60 years old or over and you own your own home, the solution to your money worries could be a CHIP Home Income Plan, especially considering there are no medical, income or credit qualifications, and you don’t have to service or repay the debt until you decide to move or sell your home. After years of working to pay for your home, maybe it’s time to let your home pay you!

Find Out More

Request your free, no-obligation CHIP Home Income Plan guide online at for more information or call 1-866-518-2447. Or, ask your bank or financial advisor about CHIP.