Apple’s iPhone 4S More An Evolution Than A Revolution

By Charmaine Gooden

There was no Steve Jobs and no iPhone 5 as many had anticipated. Apple’s new phone called the 4S is a faster, fancier version of the current iPhone 4 with some impressive upgrades, including voice controls, a faster processor, and a better camera. The coolest new feature is the introduction of “Siri”, an artificial intelligent assistant  that helps you get things done just by asking and understands context, allowing you to speak naturally. The 8 megapixel sensor has 60 percent more pixels so you can take more detailed photos.  iPhone 4S can also now record video in full 1080p HD resolution and has a new video image stabilization feature. The wait for the iPhone 4S will end on October 14, 2011 when, according to reports, you should be able to buy it in the Canada.