Zoomer Apps 101

By Charlotte Bumstead

The smartphone wielding baby boomer is not a surprising sight these days, and with the abundance of apps accommodating to this generation, it’s easy to see why. There are endless options when it comes to stocking your phone—with everything from mind-stimulating games to personalized digital cookbooks. To help guide the way through this massive realm of software downloads, Zoomer has compiled a list of the must-have apps for both the techy-savvy and the tech-squirmy aging individuals. Keep checking back over the next week for new app suggestions! 


Myfitnesspal (iPhone/Android/WP7) Free

Reach your health goals with this top of the line fitness app. Simply enter your target weight, then monitor your consumption and activity using a database of 1 million-plus foods and more than 350 types of exercise. It provides graphs charting pounds lost and nutrient intake, and automatically recalculates your remaining calories after each entry. For group support, post updates on the in-app social network.  The wrinkle: For some activities, like yoga, you cannot enter exertion level.

Nike+ GPS (iPhone) $1.99

This one’s for the runners. Measure your distance, pace and duration and view your completed route mapped out with a colourful ribbon (red means slower speed and green means fastest).  Includes motivation tools, like ability to announce your run on Facebook and hear real-time cheers through your headphones as friends leave comments or “like” your status. Set your favourite jams as power songs for quick deployment. The wrinkle: No auto-pause when you have to stop for obstacles or water breaks.