Zoomer Apps: Games

By Charlotte Bumstead

Words With Friends (iPhone/iPad/Android) Free

This Scrabble knockoff features the interactive option to play against local opponents, or connect via Facebook or Twitter to play against distant friends. In-game chat allows trash talk between players. The wrinkle: You can’t play words without a data connection; there’s no equivalent to “challenge” in Scrabble.

Alchemy (iPhone/iPad/Android) Free

Awake your inner scientist while challenging memory and organization skills with this app. You start with four building blocks—earth, fire, air, water—and by mixing them you can create all of the nearly 400 possible “elements.” Results range from ordinary (earth + air = dust) to wacky (sex + city = Sex and The City). The wrinkle: Cheap looking clip-art icons.

Super Stickman Golf (iPhone/iPad) $0.99

Test your fine motor skills with this browser game spinoff. Play is simple—set your trajectory and select strength of impact—but mastery requires patience and practice. Perfectly placed controls for two-handed tablet play. Multiplayer mode works locally or through game-centre. The negative: Devoted players will rapidly run out of courses.

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