Look Kids, No Hands!: Introducing Google’s Driverless Car

Some of us may be fearing the day we have to take the keys away from our elder parents, or worse, the day our children will argue we are no longer fit to operate a vehicle. Thanks to Google, our kids may not have to pry the car keys from our aging hands, after all! Google has been awarded the patent for the self-driving car.

The car would know how to take control, where it is located and the direction it should drive in. Sound like a far-off idea? Well, Google has been testing driverless cars for many years. The vehicles combine the artificial intelligence with the firm’s Google Street View maps as well as a range of sensors and video cameras.

A fleet of Toyota Prius and Audi TT models have been adapted and driven with limited human input for 160,000 miles and 1000 miles without driver involvement.

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