Is the new $20 bill pornographic?

The new polymer $20 bill was designed to honour the contributions and sacrifices of Canadian men and women in military conflicts throughout our history, but it seems some view the design with seedier eyes.

Released to the public on November 6th — less than a week before Remembrance Day — the front image features the Queen as per usual, while the back features the Vimy Memorial in France.

The high-tech bill was tested for years among various focus groups before being released — and some participants claimed to see an image of naked women as well as the now fallen Twin Towers in New York City within it.

Market research firm The Strategic Council in Toronto produced the report, and noted one participant’s response to the image of the Vimy Memorial: “When you quickly glance at it, and if I didn’t know any better, it looks like the Twin Towers,” one woman said.

The monument was built in 1936 in Vimy, France to honour the soldiers of World War I.

Most of the focus group was unable to identify the memorial, and many were unaware of its existence at all.

Another women felt the image was “too pornographic” and asked what the woman on the top of the monument was holding.

The bill has its official launch at the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa, and the Honourable Steven Blaney, minister of veterans affairs, and David Houghton, president of the Vimy Foundation, should be in attendance.

The $20 bill is the most used bank note in Canada.

The new polymer bills made their debut a year ago with the $100 note last November and the $50 bill followed in March. Both were met with similar controversy by focus groups — some saw a sex toy instead of the DNA strand featured on the $100, while others saw a skull and crossbones on the $50.

By the end of 2013, the polymer $10 and $5 bills will be in circulation. They are more durable and harder to counterfeit than previous incarnations.

Watch a video about the new bill features below: