Test Drive: Toyota Avalon

Starts from $36,800
Fuel Economy (combined): 8.3 L/100 KM
Power: 268 HP

Welcome to the 21st century, Toyota Avalon. This full-size sedan has languished in Toyota’s lineup for years, taking a back seat to the Corolla and Prius. But its recent makeover, including a new grille, sweeping headlights, sloping profile and updated interior, pushes the Avalon up the style scale.

While the 3.5 L six-cylinder engine (with 268 HP) is adequate, it’s really space and comfort that resonate with buyers in the full-size category. Up front, Toyota provides plenty of legroom. And with padded inside door ledge and middle console, it’s also super comfortable.

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The cockpit is esthetically pleasing and convenient, the combination of dials and touch-buttons are easy to see and reach and the instrument dial is backlit for clear visibility. My one criticism is the Avalon’s back seats, which don’t fold flat. While there is a centre pass-through, you’ll have to make do with the more than generous 16 cubic feet of trunk space.
The new Avalon hits the trifecta of style, passenger room and smart interior design creating a Zoomer-focused vehicle for these modern times.

Zoomer bonus Backlit, easy-to-read instrument dial; standard leather seats, lumbar support, and backup camera; comfortable interior with lots of legroom.

Zoomer magazine, Dec/Jan 2014 issue