Gift Picks for the Tech Lover

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There’s no shortage of gadgets and gizmos to give this holiday season, from tablets to smartphones to, well, ridiculous ear-shaped cellphone cases. If, however, the techie on your list already has a tablet/phone, or possesses a modicum of dignity that won’t allow them to walk around talking into a giant ear, we’ve got five sure-to-please tech gifts they’ll love.

Kobo Aura H20

Since the dawn of the printed word, humans have dreamed of finding a way to read under water. Stone tablets? Nope, you sink while holding them. Papyrus? The ink runs. Hard cover books? No one likes a soggy Stephen King tale.

Now, finally, after millennia of trial and error, Kobo comes to the rescue with the Kobo Aura H20, a waterproof tablet that works for up to half-an-hour while submerged under water. Whether you’re in need of reading material while scuba diving, or simply want a reader you can feel safe with around the bathtub or pool, the waterproof Kobo is a great option. For models and pricing, visit

Samsung Curved HD TV

They’re sleek, stunning, and, believe me, when you see them in person, you won’t be able to drag yourself away. Samsung’s curved UHD TVs offer brilliant ultra hi-def images, Smart TV capabilities, a beefed-up processor, and, for design buffs, a sharp visual when mounted in your living room or den. The curved design makes for a panoramic view that’s enveloping from all angles and cuts down on glare, while the motion control tech allows viewers to flip through various screens by swiping their hands in the air from the couch. Needless to say, you will be my new best friend if you leave this under my tree. Available in 55”, 65”, 78”, and the world’s only 105” inch version, starting at $2,500. See for product details, pricing, and nearby stores.

TomTom Runner Cardio GPS Sport Watch

All it takes to get some techie’s hearts racing are the words “Apple is unveiling a new gadget.” But for tech-lovers whose fitness routines take them beyond the nearest Apple store, the TomTom Runner Cardio GPS Sport Watch will monitor their heart rate via built-in optical light sensor, meaning no separate attachments are required. It also monitors all of their essentials while running (distance, speed, etc.), and features multiple training settings at varying degrees of difficulty. Available in multiple colours, it’s a perfect gift to help work off the inevitable extra holiday pounds. $300, Available at Best Buy, Running Room,,

Wireless Smartphone/Tablet Photo Printer

Take photos with your smartphone/tablet and post them to your wall – literally. Wireless smartphone/tablet photo printers, like the Hammacher Schlemmer version above, connect straight to your device and print your favourite shots (which include, admit it, at least one or two selfies) with beautiful colour and clarity. Also a great option for ensuring you have hard copies of treasured images in the event your device decides conk out or fall into the sink. Just ensure you get the printer that’s compatible with your device’s specific make and model. The Wireless iPhone Photo Printer (works with Android devices and tablets as well), US$219,

Sony’s POV HD Action Cam Mini Camcorder


Made for the “film yourself while snowboarding” crowd, Sony’s POV HD Action Cam Mini Camcorder is light, tough, and features stabilizing technology meant to keep the shot steady while veering down a slope at lightning speed. If it works there, it should have no problem correcting an unsteady hand filming a birthday party or vacation highlights. Throw in the fact that it can be attached to clothing, bags, or a tripod for hands-free operating, it’s waterproof, and it allows you to broadcast your video live (via Ustream), and this is one very capable video camera. $300. See for details.


Une Bobine iPhone/Android Charger

It looks like a metal cord that acts as a charger for your smartphone. Then you take the Une Bobine iPhone/Android Charger out of the box and become hooked on the fact that the cord is bendable and solid, propping your device up to eye level for video or speakerphone calls or simply to check messages while leaving your hands free to do everything from paperwork to washing the dishes to driving. It’s basically the over-achiever of smartphone chargers that will leave the recipient of this gift shaking their head in disappointment at their old, lifeless charger. $45, Available at and NOTE: Be sure to select the version that’s compatible with whatever version of the iPhone/Android device the recipient has.