First Aid App for Pets

Have we got an app for the hypochondriac canine or feline!

It’s the PetTech PetSaver, a veritable Dr. Google for dogs and cats.

Or for their owners who may want to know:

Can I do CPR on my Yorkie?

How do I check to see if everything about my cat is normal?

Will a Lindt bar stolen from my backpack be toxic for my retriever?

You can get answers to questions like these about dogs and cats on the app for Apple and Android phones and tablets.

There’s advice about common pet situations and a guide to early warning signs for preventive care.

It’s a snout-to-tail assessment.

There are also guidelines for dealing with emergency situations and optimal caring for your pet on a daily basis.

And yes, you can do CPR on your Yorkie. Or your Bernese Mountain Dog. Size specific CPR techniques are included.

Also yes, chocolate can be toxic, depending on the size of the dog, cocoa content of the chocolate and amount consumed — information is available with the app.

Sadly, but helpfully, there’s also advice for how to deal with one of life’s great traumas: the end of life of a beloved pet.

Of course, if it’s a goldfish and you find it floating upside down, you already know what to do.

And it’s not CPR.