Invade Your Dog’s Privacy

Ever wonder about your dog’s day and activities while you’re away?

Wonder no more.

Now you can spy on your dog just the way the governments of the world spy on you.

“Whistle” is an app that lets you track your pet’s daily activities, including walks, playtime, and periods of rest.

The wearable tech is a Fitbit for those with four legs, fur and tails that wag.

The device attaches to the pup’s collar and syncs with your phone’s Bluetooth and home’s Wifi.

“We can measure very specific biometric data like calories and steps,” says Ben Jacobs, cofounder and CEO of Whistle.

“Even though we can do all that, what we expose to the consumer is: What’s the story of your dog’s day? This is your dog’s journal, this is your dog’s private little area where your dog lives on your phone.”

The app can also show how your dog is trending over time both relative to their own baseline and relative to dogs of similar breed, weight and age.

Privacy issues don’t seem to be a concern.

The Whistle app (