8 Great Tech Gifts For The Gadget-Lover on Your List

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Imagine how Santa Claus’ life could be improved with the simplest of tech updates. For starters he could keep track of what little girls and boys want for Christmas via social media on a new smartphone, by “liking” and “favouriting” their requests on Facebook and Twitter. It’s also a convenient way of noting who’s been naughty and who’s been nice. Then there’s Rudolph’s nose, which guides his sleigh. A new GPS system would prove just as effective while taking up less space (and it doesn’t need to be fed). And one man delivering all those gifts in one evening? Why not hook Santa up with an account on Amazon? He’s bound to qualify for free shipping.

While Kris Kringle insists on doing things the old fashioned way, chances are many of the people on your holiday list don’t. Those techies want sleek, functional, creative electronics and we’ve got some great tech gift picks that would impress even the elves at the North Pole.

Millennium Falcon Bluetooth Speaker

There’s no escaping Star Wars fever this holiday season, so this Millennium Falcon Bluetooth Speaker is perfect for the person on your list who’s too grown up for toys but hasn’t outgrown the thrill of parading slowly around the room while blaring “The Imperial March.”

The Millennium Falcon Bluetooth Speaker allows you to stream music wirelessly up to 30 feet away as well as route phone calls from other Bluetooth devices through it, all the while looking fantastic with its LED lights and acrylic stand. The force is strong in this one.

How much?: $59.95

Where to buy it: Chapters/Indigo stores, chapters.indigo.ca

HP Star Wars Special Edition Notebook

Speaking of Star Wars, this special edition notebook boasts the sixth generation Intel Core processor, full HP IPS display and top-notch sound you expect from an HP notebook.

More importantly, however, for the aspiring Jedi on your list, is the special edition Star Wars design. Not only does the outer surface of the notebook feature a distinct Star Wars motif, but the notebook comes pre-loaded with exclusive Star Wars goodies, from screensavers and original trilogy storyboards to a special Star Wars command centre built into the computer with lots of other franchise-related goodies.

How much?: $899.99

Where to buy it: HPShopping.ca

iPhone 6s/iPhone 6s Plus

You’ve surely heard all about these ones – from the TV commercials to the begging and pleading of the techies on your gift list – with their 3D touch feature and the HD retina displays, amazing new photo and video capabilities and the beautiful design, including the new rose gold version seen here. If there’s a safe tech bet this holiday season, it’s this.

How much?: $899 (rose gold version without a contract)

Where to buy it: The Apple Store or Apple.ca


It’s wireless, portable and you connect to it via your smartphone or wireless camera. In other words, Canon’s SELPHY CP910 may prove the most hassle-free printer you’ve ever owned.

What’s more, you can instantly print 4×6 photos straight from your phone, right after you snap them, without the need for cables or other hook-ups – a simple and fantastic gift for all the guests you greet through the holidays and in the new year.

How much?: $89.99

Where to buy it: Estore.canon.ca

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2

Sleek design, stunning colours that leap off the screen and great functionality, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 is an ideal tablet for almost every need.

Indoors or outdoors, whether reading an e-book, watching movies, answering emails or just general bumming around the web, this slim, lightweight tablet does it fast and with a 4:3 aspect ratio that means your screen fits more than before.

If someone on your list is in the market for a tablet upgrade, or their first tablet, Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S2 sets the bar high.

How much?: $599

Where to buy it: Samsung.com

Nikon 1 J5

Not only does this camera boast a great retro look, but its lightweight frame, HD-SLR quality capabilities, interchangeable lens function and the ability to record 4K videos (the first in Nikon’s history) makes it the perfect camera for snapping anything from vacation photos to holiday family shots. Did we mention it’s Wi-Fi enabled to instantly upload the selfies you take with its tilting touch screen? Definitely a camera to keep in mind for the pic-happy person on your list.

How much?: $599.95

Where to buy it: Nikon.ca

Pivotal Living Activity and Sleep Tracker

Fitness bands are huge this year and Pivotal Living’s Activity and Sleep Tracker has received great reviews for doing exactly what it’s name says – keeping track of your fitness levels, hydration, sleep, calories and inactivity. It received great reviews from a number of reputable outlets, it looks good and, best of all, it’s less than $20.

How much?: $12 (price may vary slightly in Canada)

Where to buy it: PivotalLiving.ca

Pebble Time smartwatch

The Pebble Time family of smartwatches brings both functionality and affordability to this emerging product market, especially for first-time smartwatch owners.

Born of a Kickstarter campaign, this is the third in the Pebble Time series. It’s compatible with Apple and Android devices, the battery lasts up to a week, it’s packed with apps, offers notifications on everything from emails to your daily calendar of events and breaking news, it’s water resistant and it enables voice texting. Oh yeah and, you know, it also tells the time. No big deal.

The Pebble Time smartwatch comes in three different styles.

How much?: Prices vary by style, starting at around $120.

Where to buy it: Explore the various styles and purchase at Pebble.com.