Join our campaign!

We intend to…

  1. Inundate federal and provincial politicians with emails and letters from concerned Canadians like you, demanding action now.
  2. Make our votes conditional upon getting action. Our first big test will be the Ontario election of October, 2007. Every single candidate should understand that our vote will depend on action on each of CARP’s three demands. We will providing a direct link to every candidate, so you can express this in no uncertain terms. We will also be conducting polling of all candidates so that you can identify those who support our three demands, and those who don’t…and vote accordingly.
  3. Carry this campaign into other Internet channels and other media, and make it visible through badges, bumper stickers, press releases and other communications vehicles.

Our campaign does not favour – nor single out for disapproval – any particular political party. We welcome support from elected representatives and candidates from all parties, just as wope to defeat elected representatives or candidates from any and all parties who do not deliver on our three demands.

It’s time to send a message to all politicians, federal or provincial: NO MORE WAITING!

How can you get involved?
  1. Spread the word. Click here to invite a friend to join the crusade.
  2. Send an email to an elected representative. Click here for CARP’s E-Voice, CARP’s special email facility that gives you a direct link to your representatives.
  3. JOIN CARP. The more members we have, the more clout we have – it’s that simple. With 400,000 members, CARP is already far and away the largest organization for the 50-plus in Canada. But imagine what we can accomplish with twice, or three times, that number. Click here for details.
  4. Bookmark this web site and check back soon and often. We will keep you up-to-date on how the campaign is going – and how your particular elected representatives are cooperating (or not).

Thanks – we look forward to working with you!