New E-Voice Service from CARP

CARP has created a new service that will automatically route emails to elected representatives.

The service, CARP E-VOICE, allows users to quickly find their elected representative, click on his or her name, and quickly create and send an email.

“We created this service to make it easier and more convenient for people to contact their elected representatives,” said Murray Morgenthau, Executive Director of CARP. “Everything is in one place — a list of MPs, searchable by name or by province, and, with one click, the creation and sending of an email.”

CARP reports an increase in the number of letters from both members and non-members on public policy issues. Most recently, there has been what Morgenthau calls a “flood” about income trusts. Other urgent issues include health care, employment and pensions.

“People want CARP to help get their voices heard,” says Morgenthau. “This is one important way we can do it. The emails that are sent from the service are branded with the CARP E-VOICE name — much like a telegraph would have carried the Canadian Pacific or Western Union brand. We hope that as members of Parliament see more and more emails with the CARP E-VOICE brand, our visility and clout will increase even more — and thus, the visibility and clout of our members.”