Premier of Manitoba shares CARP’s vision for health care

Legislative Building
Winnipeg, MB
R3C 0V8

May 1, 2003

Dear Ms. Morgenthau:

Thank you for your letter regarding your organization’s support for the findings contained in the Romanow Report on the Future of Health Care in Canada.

I share your vision of an accessible health care system based on medical need, not the ability to pay for services.  The Manitoba Government supports a publicly funded, accessible system of health care delivery for all Canadians.  Additionally, the Province of Manitoba supports the Report’s emphasis on the fact that health care services in Canada have changed considerably over the past 30 years, and that innovations and other changes are required to reflect this evolution. 

As you know, on February 5, 2003, First Ministers, with the exception of the leaders of the three territories, supported an arrangement designed to further health care renewal across Canada.  The arrangement builds on the September 2000 First Ministers’ agreement on health, which began the process of restoring federal funding for health.

The February 5th funding arrangement was atep in the right direction.  However, Premiers have collectively expressed concern that new federal funding falls short of the recommendations made by Commissioner Romanow in his final report.

Your input is welcome and appreciated.  Once again, thank you for sharing your views with me.


Gary Doer