Net nesting: search for homes

Many people rely on the advice of friends to choose their retirement home, or simply check out the market in their local area. This can work well in many cases, but remember, as a retiree, you can choose to live anywhere you want. Free of the need to be “close to work” or endure a climate you’ve never particularly liked, you owe it to yourself to make an informed choice for your retirement home.

Where to start? The Internet is an ideal research tool. The Community Listings section in the Your Home section of tell you what’s available in all parts of Canada. You can search without leaving the comfort of your current home. Whether you’re interested in purchasing a single family home through a real estate agent or a condo in an adult lifestyle community, you can find the information you need.

Once you’ve decided on a province or a state, your next step is searching through the site’s listings of adult lifestyle and retirement communities, accessible with a simple click on a map. Then the next step is picking a city or town. Maybe you’ve heard that Elliot Lake, Ontario has a lot to offer retirees, but aren’t sure if it will meet your needs. Go to Ellio Lake in the 126 listings in Ontario communities and you’ll see:
“Situated mid-way between Sudbury and Sault Ste. Marie, Elliot Lake is home to over 4,000 retirees. This former mining town has all the conveniences of a small city, plus year-round activities, golf, fishing, skiing and numerous clubs. Rental units include apartments, single and semi-detached homes and townhouses.”

Sample listing
Suppose you’re interested in what’s available in British Columbia. Simply select it on the map, and you’re presented with a list of properties that ranges from Arbutus on Vancouver Island to Whitecliff in White Rock, B.C. south of Vancouver. Here’s a sample retirement community listing:

“Vancouver Island, Arbutus Ridge: This Vancouver Island community of 680 homes offers single and two storey dwellings, plus strata ownership of common property. On-site amenities include a viewing tower, craft room, woodwork shop, library, health club, billiards and games room, store and hair salon. Sports enthusiasts can enjoy the outdoor pool, tennis court, walking trails and fishing. A year-round championship golf course is nearby, and shopping and health services are available in Mill Bay.”

Contact names and telephone numbers are also listed with each property, making it very simple to find out more about a property you like.

Other sections in Your Home offer information related to the entire process of selecting, purchasing and moving to your new retirement home. A database of articles covers everything from “Making your cottage retirement-friendly” to the “Small-town retirement haven” and “Test-driving your retirement dream.”

Whether your retirement lifestyle decision is imminent or several years away, you can find resources in Your Home to start the process.