We were away in Hawaii. On return to our home I was seen by my G.P. She ordered an x-ray of my shoulder. The results were inconclusive but did show damage to the muscle. I took the pain medication recommended and continued as well as I could. Because my shoulder was not improving I returned to my G.P. She ordered an Ultra sound of my shoulder. This showed definate damage and the pain continued as well as decrease movement in my shoulder and weakness. Apon recieving the results of my U.S. I was ordered to have an MRI. This all taking place between January 2006 and July 2006. I finally had a MRI and that showed major damage to the ligiments, tendons and muscles in my shoulder. My G.P. then informed me that I needed an Ortho consult but that would take up to 9 months ln the Guelph/Hamilton/London area. My wife is an R.N. at a downtown Toronto hospital. By consulting with the Doctors in her area she was told to call the Holland Orthopedic Hospital. She did so and with a consultation request I was finally given an appointment for September 2006 ten months after my injury. The ortho Doctor informed me that I did indeed have major damage to my shoulder and required surgery. I am now booked for surgery Feb 13 2008. Yes that’s 2008. By the time I have my surgery I will have had the injury, pain and deterioration of the muscles as well as scar tissure for 2 years and 3 months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is disgusting!!!!!!!