It has long been a frustration that our politicians divert attention from the problems in health care by initiating a philosophical debate.

We never have a good debate about the delivery of health care. The debate becomes private versus public. I really think there is room for both. Some talk as though we have this pure public system.

We never have had a public system. Some of the system is publicly administered and funded but certainly not all.
The campaign needs to educate the public and the politicians about what we really have.

The CARP focus appears to be primarily federal, I believe it needs to be aimed equally at the provinces.
There are a great many areas of health care ignored by our healthcare system and representatives, such as dental, optometric, chiropractic, physiotherapy, etc.

Drug coverage in Saskatchewan is a farce. In the province that lead the way in Medicare, very disappointing. Many drugs are not covered by the drug plan. It costs my wife and me about $3600.00 per year in uncovered drug costs. That cost is not due to any extremely costly drug, but rather the uncovered amount on a number of drugs and we are not in a high income bracket.

Both levels of government are bleeding surpluses of our money. It’s time they start doing something for us.